Religious Affairs

The Religious Affairs Committee shall include ministerial and lay religious leaders who are members of the Unit. It Shall: (1) promote an educational program designed to give moral and ethical interpretation to the civil rights struggle; (2) interpret the work of the Association to organized religious groups of all faiths; (3) enlist the suppiort of such organized religious groups for membership, fundraising, and the struggle for equality and full civil rights; and (4) provide resource assistance for religious education and social action activities, associated with the improvement of race relations.

The historical roots of the NAACP and churches have been entwined and grown together for the social, spiritual, and educational progress of African-Americans. It is with excitement that this strong bond will be continued in Spartanburg County. We look forward to engaging in church partnerships that will address the issues of social justice, family empowerment, and the unique concerns of African-American men and youth.

Our plan will be to address issues through conferences, workshops, and community forums. Additionally, we will be hosting an annual NAACP Religious Community Day to further strengthen the communication, advocacy, and social activism in Spartanburg County and surrounding areas.